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A Complete List of Our Professional Services...

(1) Analytical Consultation & Advisory

We are a proficient financial process troubleshooter & problem solver, delivering analytical consultation services to help clients better organize, coordinate & control their financial performance. 
We assist clients to develop measures of internal control to mitigate risk and improve performance. 

Financial Process Coordination & Troubleshooting

  • Evaluate inadequacies in the financial reporting process to uncover weaknesses
  • Strengthen, streamline & upgrade reporting processes & procedures
  • Deliver candid recommendations for improvements in the financial process
  • Implement consummate logic & organizational skills to design, devise, set-up and coordinate new reporting mechanisms
  • Develop, coordinate & implement all phases of business management reporting integration
  • Create, organize, direct & mange reporting hierarchy structures & internal business organization levels
  • Establish inter-dependence between diverse financial process components

· Internal Control Standards Development

  • Establish, oversee & enforce internal control measures over financial reporting to mitigate risk and improve performance
  • Implement quality control checks & balances in the financial process to maintain integrity & accuracy
  • Author internal reporting reference documentation, policies & reporting standards
  • Initiate & create reporting tools and develop disbursement & revenue generating guidelines
  • Orchestrate & circulate project & spending proposals
  • Formulate data analysis, control standards, & outline plans to implement project goals & strategies 

· Strategic Planning & Analysis

  • Develop short term and long term strategic plan to determine an organization's future costs - where it wants to go and how it will get there
  • Set direction and make decisions on allocating resources of client to pursue their strategy, including its capital and people
  • Establish client vision statement to define the way an organization or enterprise will look in the future
  • Define the fundamental mission of an organization or an enterprise, succinctly describing why it exists and what it does to achieve its vision
  • Guide business leaders to communicate the vision statement within their organization
  • Prepare analysis of the current business results, marketing strategy, plans, policies, goals, objectives, tactics and actions
  • Prepare & develop analysis of operating results & tracking mechanisms for all spending against planned & projected forecast to confirm that spending is in line with overall targets & goals

Business Consultation

  • Help organizations improve their financial performance, through the thorough analysis of existing business problems and development of plans for improvement
  • Devise and recommend strategic business solutions to our client base
  • Advise on pricing, credit policies and cash flow concerns
  • Provide guidance on internal cost controls
  • Assist business clients with loan, purchase & other financial applications
  • Deliver overall guidance for start-up businesses
  • Provide overall financial guidance, establish intimate knowledge of client, recommend a network of professional referrals, and serve as a financial advisory

Personal Finance Coordination

  • Develop a financial plan & budget for individual clients with goals & milestones
  • Identify & track client financial accounts & records
  • Prepare periodic review & analysis of the client financial activity & forecast summary
  • Manage the client monthly cash disbursements & income receipts

(2) Tax Return Preparation & Filings

We prepare Federal and State personal and business related tax returns and related information return filings to meet required governmental compliance and deliverables, and assist our clients in tax planning measures to minimize tax liability & risk.  

  • Personal and Business Tax Return Preparation
  • Estimated Tax Analysis & Planning
  • Estate Tax Returns
  • Gift Tax Returns
  • Quarterly & Year-end Payroll Tax Returns
  • 1099, W-2 & Information Returns
  • e-Payment of Taxes Via EFTPS & States
  • We are an authorized  IRS e-file Provider

(3) Eldercare Financial Services

We provide the complete financial care and oversight of elderly clients.   Our services are offered directly to the elderly client themselves, or we can be retained by relatives of the elderly client who are looking out for their parents or loved one’s best financial interest. We provide an elder client with assistance for their daily financial affairs, business and related duties.  

Review & payment of household bills, budgeting, record keeping

  • We will collect all monthly bills and ascertain their validity and accuracy.  
  • We handle day-to-day financial transactions such as home repairs, routine maintenance, and emergency medical expenses
  • We organize and review personal, financial, and legal documents to determine what needs to be addressed
  • We will review receipts for prescriptions and other medical expenses and prepare the necessary forms for reimbursements and follow up on their payment.

Assistance with check writing, online banking, checkbook balancing

  • Write and mail checks for payments in a timely manner, and alternatively make electronic payments wherever possible.  
  • Deliver all checks and disbursements for payment to the client or family member as designated and approved by the client for signature.
  • All disbursements made will be subject to the approval and other accounting controls established by our firm, and rely on the accuracy and reliability of information provided to make all disbursements.
  • Retirement account distributions will be planned and safeguarded against improper disbursements.

Make sure money is received, receipted, & properly & timely deposited

  • A regular review of the income that the client is supposed to receive will be made to verify that it is received or deposited timely.

Monitor & track client’s total financial portfolio including cash, investments & real estate

  • Bank reconciliations will be prepared every month for all client bank accounts.
  • All brokerage and fund accounts will be reconciled every month.
  • An inventory of all personal assets and investment portfolio will be prepared and continuously monitored with the client’s investment advisor.
  • We will discuss with the client the types of investment alternatives as funds become available. We will provide suggestions but will not make any direct decisions, nor will we have signatory power over any investment accounts.
  • An analysis will be conducted of the client’s current and long-term cash flow needs by analyzing income and expenses.  Retirement income, needs, and goals will be identified and planned.
  • We will address questions about lifestyle, Social Security, pensions, Medicare, and long-term insurance with the client.

Preparation & filing of income, trust, gift & estate tax returns & any needed related planning

  • We will prepare whatever information is needed to prepare the client’s tax return.  Our company offers income, trust, gift and estate tax return preparation services for all of our clients.
  • We will calculate and pay all client quarterly estimated tax payments if applicable.


(4) General Accounting Services

We implement the general ledger, bank reconciliation & payroll reporting for the client, establish a system for bookkeeping, and provide management reporting & analysis to accommodate the needs of the business owner.

  • Provide Bookkeeping Services
  • Produce Bank Reconciliations
  • Generate Payroll Reportings & Filings
  • Implement General Ledger / Journal Posting Entries
  • Prepare Internal Management Financial Reporting
  • Administer Estate & Trust Reporting





Authorized IRS e-File Provider

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