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Analytical Consultation & Advisory

We are a proficient financial process troubleshooter and problem solver, delivering analytical consultation services to help clients better organize, coordinate & control their financial performance.  We assist clients to develop measures of internal control to mitigate risk and improve performance.

Financial Process Coordination & Troubleshooting

  • Evaluate inadequacies in the financial reporting process to uncover weaknesses
  • Strengthen, streamline & upgrade reporting processes & procedures
  • Deliver candid recommendations for improvements in the financial process
  • Implement consummate logic & organizational skills to design, devise, set-up and coordinate new reporting mechanisms
  • Develop, coordinate & implement all phases of business management reporting integration
  • Create, organize, direct & mange reporting hierarchy structures & internal business organization levels
  • Establish inter-dependence between diverse financial process components

Internal Control Standards Development

  • Establish, oversee & enforce internal control measures over financial reporting to mitigate risk and improve performance
  • Implement quality control checks & balances in the financial process to maintain integrity & accuracy
  • Author internal reporting reference documentation, policies & reporting standards
  • Initiate & create reporting tools and develop disbursement & revenue generating guidelines
  • Orchestrate & circulate project & spending proposals
  • Formulate data analysis, control standards, & outline plans to implement project goals & strategies

Strategic Planning & Analysis

  • Develop short term and long term strategic plan to determine an organization's future costs - where it wants to go and how it will get there
  • Set direction and make decisions on allocating resources of client to pursue their strategy, including its capital and people
  • Establish client vision statement to define the way an organization or enterprise will look in the future
  • Define the fundamental mission of an organization or an enterprise, succinctly describing why it exists and what it does to achieve its vision
  • Guide business leaders to communicate the vision statement within their organization
  • Prepare analysis of the current business results, marketing strategy, plans, policies, goals, objectives, tactics and actions
  • Prepare & develop analysis of operating results & tracking mechanisms for all spending against planned & projected forecast to confirm that spending is in line with overall targets & goals

Business Consultation

  • Help organizations improve their financial performance, through the thorough analysis of existing business problems and development of plans for improvement
  • Devise and recommend strategic business solutions to our client base
  • Advise on pricing, credit policies and cash flow concerns
  • Provide guidance on internal cost controls
  • Assist business clients with loan, purchase & other financial applications
  • Deliver overall guidance for start-up businesses
  • Provide overall financial guidance, establish intimate knowledge of client, recommend a network of professional referrals, and serve as a financial advisory

Personal Finance Coordination

  • Develop a financial plan & budget for individual clients with goals & milestones
  • Identify & track client financial accounts & records
  • Prepare periodic review & analysis of the client financial activity & forecast summary
  • Manage the client monthly cash disbursements & income receipts

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